GEZINSMAN.NL mission is to support family processes with technical solutions and is a full-stack integrator of embedded and cloud systems.

That sounds nice, but what do you actually do?

We stand for a smart society, to which we will contribute as much as possible by means of affordable technical solutions.

Now its even getting crazier. What does that mean for me?

  • We start at your home by making the rooms smart. We do that by integrating sensors, actuators and a smart controller in each room.
  • After that we make your home smart by the collaboration of the individual smart rooms.
  • Next we will make your family smart. We do that by producing and hosting smart cloud solutions, which will support the collaboration of family members with eachother and with the house.
  • Finally we aim for a smart society, by creating cloud solutions, which support the collaboration of individual families.

That sounds very nice, but how are you planning to do that and what will that cost me?

We make use of open source software and affordable, but reliable single board computers. In this way, we manage to keep development costs low, while maintaining a high efficiency and quality. This means for the customer, that he will not pay the grand prize, which one normally pays for a professional wired domotica system, but a price, which is comparable to the amount one would pay for e.g. an internet/tv subscription. On top of that the smarthome can be regarded as a private cloudservice, which is tightly integrated with the cloud services, which has a number of convenient added values.

And do I have to pay for the cloud services?

No. The cloud services are entirely free of charge for all families. We can keep these services operational with the revenues from our smarthome product. The customers of our smarthome product pay for extra comfort and luxuary and keep our cloud services operational. Besides that, we make use of open-source software and a cluster of affordable virtual servers (VPS), which will keep the total operational costs low, while maintaining a high quality level.

So you're actually a kind of modern Robin Hood: You steal from the rich and divide it amongst the less well-off.

More or less. However, I sell a product/service to property owners, which gives an added value to their property. And often is it about those kind of homes, that actual could benefit from a professional home-automation system. So it is actually a win-win-win situation: Home owners will get a luxuary home, non property owners will benefit from a smart society and will earn some money to fund its R&D activities.


system engineering 90%
embedded systems 90%
electronics 70%
front-end development 80%
back-end development 90%
Software development 90%
distributed systems 90%
high availability and loadbalancing90%
Deployment 75%
Maintenance 75%