The Familyman Portal is our main product and the foundation of the company. Running a family could be more complex than running a company. Why do there exist elaborate processes and expensive software products to support the running of a company. And why don't they exist for running a family? GEZINSMAN.NL thinks that the old fashioned calendars and family planners could use an update. We also think this application should be very accessible for the end-user. After all these users are not highly educated professionals, but children, parents and grandparents.

Who are we?

GEZINSMAN.NL has more than 20 years experience in the development and realisation of complex distributed systems in the real-time domain. Think about naval combat systems for the integration of sensors and weaponsystems control and other actuators. We have developed the embedded systems, which are used to interface the sensors and weapons with the combat management system. Think about filtering of sensor readings and the user interface control and optimal weapon control of various subsystems. Each weapon- and sensorsystem has unique interface requirements and the challenge is to find the optimal solution. Next to that, the solution need to be implemented in a real-time embedded environment.

System interfaces

Next to that GEZINSMAN.NL also have gained a lot of experience in the interfacing of complex systems for data information exchange.
For example, we've worked in a joint research project for the NATO to realize and test the STANAG-4559 protocol (NATO Coalition Shared Database). With this protocol NATO countries are able to exchange intelligence information with each other and use each other resources in an orderly way.

For the telecom industry, we've worked among other things, to implement the C-interface standaard (ATIS J-STD-101) in a Cell-Broadcast system. Cell-broadcast is the driving technique behind NL-Alert and Amber-Alert. This interface allows equipment of different telecom companies to work together.

Installation and Deployment

Next to research, design, coding and testing, GEZINSMAN.NL has also done some necessary 'field operations'. These consist a.o. of the maintenance on complete operator centres from Rijkswaterstaat. These operator centres are used for the 24/7 operations of bridges, locks and harbours. The operator centres of the Afsluitdijk and Wemeldinge have been upgraded by us. Thanks to the system redundancy, these upgrades have been executed with zero down-time!