Fullstack development, Embedded Systems and Operations

We take care of the full-stack (including embedded) and iterative development of the system as well as the cloud deployment. This means that the full street of system development (from idea to realisation) is taken care by us. We develop both the embedded systems (including electronics), back-end systems, as well as the front-end systems. The customer takes a central role during this process and determines what should be expected (business rules). We will translate these business rules into concrete plans and actions. The main advantage is that all disciplines are our responsibility. This means that we are able to detect and solve problems in an early stage and quickly add new functionalities.

Fullstack development

Fullstack development consists of all disciplines to realise a system. Only an architecture and business rules are required to start developing. The business rules are delivered by the customer and we do the rest.

The fullstack developer works as easy to front-end processing (e.g. HTML, javascript, angular-js, etc. ) as to back-end processing (Java, C, Springboot, distributed databases).

By mastering the whole process, we are able to quickly and skillfully introduce new functionalities and fix bugs.

Embedded Systems and Electronics

When we are talking about the full stack, we are talking about the complete system development: front-end processing, back-end processing, embedded systems and the necessary electronics!

Our developers are as comfortable with javascript, HTML, JAVA as with printed circuit board, oscilloscopes, resistors, condensators, opamps, actuators and sensors.

We are not only working on the front-end and back-end software, but also on the embedded software and electronics, which allows us to combine all kinds of low-level hardware actuators and sensors with high-level cloud systems in a real-time domain.


Next to the full-stack development of the complete system, we also take care at the same time of the deployment and the 24/7 operation. In this way there will be short lines between development and operations and we are able to introduce new functionalities and solve bugs more efficiently.

We use an agile and iterative way of development with as main purpose to quickly involve all stakeholders as early as possible so that there will be plenty of oppertunities for guidance.

Iterative development

Our development process is iterative. This means that we continuously are repeating the same processes, until the customer is satisfied about the end result. Thanks to short lines between development and operations (DevOps) and our knowledge of the complete development disciplines, we are able to produce a complex system with high quality and in a relative short amount of time.