How did it all happen?

We've all experienced it somehow. At one moment in life you're enjoying the single life. Mid twenties, graduated, fixed income, going out, holidays ... However within a year everything can be different: You are married with children. Suddenly you are responsible for the welbeing of your wife and children. Suddenly time and budget need to be managed to get by financially.

Running a family could be more complex than running a company. Why do elaborate processes and expensive software applications exist for running a company and why don't they exist for running a family?

GEZINSMAN.NL has scrutinized the family business and carefully examined the course of events within the family. How do the information flow run? How are the cash flows? We hereby have drawn from our own experience and also from other parents who are in the same situation.

GEZINSMAN.NL believes that the old fashioned calendars and family planners could use an update. We also believe that this tool need to be highly accessible to the users. After all these users are not high-educated personnel, but children, parents and grand parents.